Intensivist Staffing

High-Quality Specialists for Your Hospital

We provide flexible staffing solutions including up to 24/7 intensivist coverage through our cost-effective Tele-ICU platform. Our system enables your clinicians to connect with board-certified intensivists and other specialists, with exceptionally quick response times.

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Intensivists and other specialists

Multiple specialties and different care models for your unique needs

We work with a wide range of experts including Intensivists, Hospitalists, and Emergency Medicine Physicians.

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Our Specialties

We provide Intensivist, Hospitalist, and EM physician coverage. Additionally, we can access a broader variety of specialists based on need. Choose the types of specialists you need, and we’ll work with you to establish the best care model and workflow for your unique situation.

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Range of Care Models

From proactive patient assessments and scheduled rounding, to on-demand consultative support for acute issues – our remote specialists will be there to help your clinicians in any way they can.

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Addressing challenges in clinical coverage

Many hospitals do not have the ability to staff intensivists and other specialists around the clock. Night coverage, weekends, and holidays are challenges for hospitals large and small. We provide up to 24/7 intensivist coverage and customized staffing solutions through our flexible and cost-effective telemedicine platform.

  • 24/7 intensivist coverage
  • On-demand consultative support
  • Proactive patient assessments

Scope of clinical services

Streamlined access to board-certified intensivists with quick response times:

  • 24/7 access to intensivists
  • On demand critical care consultations
  • Proactive and scheduled rounding
  • Implementation of best practices in collaboration with hospital team
  • Documentation of clinical recommendations
  • Guidance on critical care management
  • Manage goals of care conversations
  • Remotely respond to Code Blue as team leader

About our Intensivist Team:

  • Experienced group of board certified intensivists
  • Average of 10 years of critical care experience
  • Extensive Tele-ICU and Tele-Critical Care experience
  • Licensed in state of hospital
  • Credentialed at hospital
  • Emphasis on team collaboration and cohesion with on-site staff
Experienced board certified intensivists


Do you have questions?

How do you vet your physicians?

We extensively review our physicians’ CVs and references and only hire those with many years of ICU experience. All credentials and certifications are verified to ensure our clients receive the highest level of care.

What type of specialists do you offer?

Our core competency is critical care medicine, and we provide access to intensivists, hospitalists, and Emergency Medicine physicians. We also have partnerships that allow us to access additional specialty types as needed.

Do you offer Nursing and/or Respiratory Therapist services?

We partner with reputable companies to provide high-quality nursing and RT services as needed.

Do I get to work with the same clinicians?

We purposely keep our pool of remote providers as small as possible while being able to adequately handle the case loads. In this way we ensure familiarity for our clients, where they can get to know the remote providers and become familiar with the provider at the other end of the camera.

Does this help us achieve Leapfrog compliance?

Yes, having access to tele-intensivist services helps achieve Leapfrog Compliance.


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