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Product Overview

Key features

Easily deployable, fast implementation

The Omnicure solution is not dependent on hospital information systems and requires no new hardware installations, which means you can seamlessly implement it at your facility within a week.

Flexible, scalable

Whether you need virtual support in the ICU or ER, or continuous remote monitoring on hospital floors, Omnicure can help. The solution can be easily customized and adapted to fit your unique needs.

Cost effective

Omnicure's streamlined platform does not require extensive hardware installations, so you get a comprehensive telemedicine solution at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

Cloud secure

With Omnicure, you can rest easy knowing confidential information stays that way. The Omnicure system is HIPAA compliant and utilizes multiple levels of security on all devices. All data transmission is fully encrypted using point-to-point network connections.

EMR integration capable

Omnicure's robust EMR integration capabilities are powered by an industry-leading integration engine. Though not required, integration allows you to easily and efficiently send important data back and forth between the hospital EMR and the Omnicure platform.

One solution, multiple use cases


Improve outcomes for the most critically ill patients


Efficiently manage hospitalized patients


Begin triage before patients arrive in the ED

Hospital at Home

Ensure quality care for people in their own homes

Post Acute Care

Seamlessly manage care transition between hospital and home

Remote Patient Monitoring

Reduce readmissions and identify at-risk patients

Our products

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  • Supports enterprise customers
  • Mobile app and web-based platform
  • Easily configurable with white-label options
Omnicure Now and NETCCN One
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  • Government offering
  • Used nationwide in Covid-19 response
  • All-hazards approach to emergency response

We’re compatible

Omnicure products can be accessed on iOS, Android, laptop, or desktop using modern web browsers or on a cart.

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