COVID-19 Tele-ICU Support: We’re working to support bedside teams and help hospitals manage the Coronavirus Pandemic.
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Built by intensivists

A thoughtful solution developed for ICU providers by critical care experts. We put the best workflows and practices into a simple, mobile-friendly solution.

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Simple solution, endless benefits.

Our app running on all devices

Freedom for Intensivists

  • Tele-ICU from home
  • No fixed locations and bunkers
  • Reduce information overload and alarm fatigue
  • ICU dashboard with relevant data from EMR
  • Connect with outreach hospitals in your health system
  • Provide coverage and consults to locations without intensivists

Support for Providers

  • Immediate onboarding with any device
  • Simple training with intuitive workflows
  • Communicate with other providers and intensivists through messaging, audio, and video
  • Instant physician responses to requests
  • Real-time updates on message status
  • Retain patients in your hospital with intensivist support and coverage

Lower your costs, expand your capabilities.

Minimal Cost

No costly infrastructure or dedicated facilities (bunkers) needed.

Remote Access

No constant physical presence of physicians on premises required.


No lengthy training. Easy to use. Create users with hospital credentials. Download. Sign in. Connect.


Unique virtual and collaborative workspace for intensivists, nurses, and other providers.


Pay only for occupied beds with value-based pricing.

No Carts

No expensive or clunky carts or robots — the freedom to move about but stay connected.

Fully Mobile

Fully mobile solution for both Apple iOS and Android phone and tablet devices.

Cloud Secure

Secure, reliable, and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform.


24/7 access to critical care specialists in your network, and customizable schedules to meet coverage needs.

EMR Integrated

EMR display, clinical data viewing, shared and integrated clinician messaging.

Group Video

Group or peer-to-peer video & audio conferencing built in.


Broadcast alerts for immediate attention to critical ICU situations.

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Mass casualty capable

Partnerships with organizations and municipalities to proactively prepare for scenarios including natural disasters, mass-casualty shootings, and bioterrorism.

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