Standard Workflow, Single Platform

Omnicure fits into the real-life workflow of critical care providers to make meaningful improvements to communication across the care team.

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Workflow Diagram

No workarounds or customizations required

Actively filters information while presenting only the data truly needed for actual patient care.

Preserves all important aspects of current ICU workflows safely and securely.

Uses off-the-shelf smart-phones and tablets for significant cost savings.

Desktop capability to compliment mobile devices and remote workflow.

Designed by ICU Intensivists

Omnicure platform uses off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets. It’s scalable, secure and straightforward – and entirely designed for the ICU.

  • Immediate on-boarding to any device
  • Simple training with streamlined workflow
  • Instant messaging and video access to physicians
  • Real-time physician acknowledgment of requests
  • Real-time updates on message processing status
  • No requirement to work at fixed locations or bunkers
  • Flexible shift durations
  • Collaborate with other caregivers, share workloads
  • Provider-centric workflow ideal for reactive care model
  • Streamlines information overload
  • Intuitive features, no clunky workarounds
  • Scalable platform
  • Reduce on-boarding costs significantly compared to legacy providers
  • Save nearly 50% of operational costs compared to legacy solutions
  • Reduce ICU provider response times
  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Cost-sensitive, value-driven, per-incident pricing model
  • Leverage existing provider resources or economically outsource Intensivist consultations

Low-cost solution that meets the need of every ICU.

Low Cost

No costly dedicated facilities (bunkers) or IT resources needed.


No constant physical presence of physicians on premises required.

Easy Onboard

No lengthy training or onboarding required. Just download, sign in and get started.


Unique virtual and collaborative workspace for Intensivists, Nurses and Administrators.


Value-based pricing model means cost savings over alternative platforms.

No Carts

No expensive or clunky carts or robots — the freedom to move about but stay connected.

Fully Mobile

Fully mobile solution for both Apple iOS and Android phone and tablet devices.

All Providers

App connects to remotely located Intensivists to providers in any connected ICU.


Matches unmet need with 24 hour round the clock staffing customized to varying patient volumes.

EMR Integrated

EMR integration, clinical data viewing, sharing and integrated clinician messaging.

Group Video

Group or peer to peer video & audio conferencing built in.


Broadcast alerts for immediate attention to critical ICU situations.

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