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Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn't Tele-Critical Care cost a fortune?

In the past Tele-ICU has been associated with a high cost, as it has often called for hardware-intensive and expensive systems. Making the best use of devices already in hospitals and technology we carry with us every day, Omnicure has created a cost-effective solution.

What hardware is required?

Omnicure works with any Apple iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. We typically recommend tablets on portable stands in the hospital unit. To complement the mobile and tablet experience, our web-based platform allows providers to connect using desktops, laptops, and existing workstations.

As a bedside provider, how do I communicate with a remote intensivist?

Omnicure allows you to message or innitiate an audio/video call with a critical care physician in a patient-centric format. You can reach out to an intensivist in the context of a given patient. There may also be Tele-Critical Care rounding at your facility.

Where can remote intensivists work from?

Intensivists can work from any location with a secure Wi-Fi or mobile connection..

Can this help patients and providers in units besides the ICU?

Yes. Omnicure enables providers treating an acute situation in any unit of the hospital to connect with a critical care physician. The flexibility of our solution extends support to additional settings, like the ER.

How was Omnicure designed?

Our solution was built by critical care physicians with many years of experience in multiple Tele-ICU centers. We preserved the best features of Tele-Critical Care, without including the inefficient processes.

How is Omnicure different than other Tele-ICU systems?

Omnicure does not require any hardware installations and we are device agnostic—all you really need for Omnicure is a smartphone. This makes Omnicure easy and affordable to implement, and non-disruptive to existing workflows.

What about data security and HIPAA?

Omnicure is HIPAA-compliant. Only credentialed hospital staff can log-in through an authenticated Omnicure account. Fully-encrypted data transmission occurs through a secure network. We also use Amazon Web Services Multi-Factor Authentication to ensure the security of PHI.

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