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Our mission is to innovate the delivery of critical care and improve access to specialists through a cost-effective solution.

Many hospitals cannot staff their ICUs with intensivists. Legacy tele-ICU and its infrastructure is complex and expensive. We believe access to specialist care can be affordably extended to any location.

That's why we took the best workflows of tele-ICU and created an easily deployable solution through technology in our pockets and already in hospitals. We are Omnicure.

Our Team

A group of intensivists and innovators committed to the advancement of healthcare.

Sanjay Subramanian
CEO & Founder

Sanjay leads our team. He is a nationally recognized leader in Critical Care Medicine, with a proven record of improving clinical quality in the ICU. Sanjay has led QI projects and developed EMR based business intelligence tools relevant to clinical medicine. He previously served as Chairman of the SCCM Committee on Telemedicine. With twenty plus years of critical care experience, Sanjay created Omnicure to improve and innovate tele-critical care delivery, addressing gaps in intensivist coverage.

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Paramesh Vaidyanathan
CTO & Co-Founder

Paramesh leads our technology team. He has 25 years of experience in software engineering building teams and working on products used by millions around the world. He led the development of Visual Studio at Microsoft. More recently, Paramesh has used his expertise to tackle challenges in cybersecurity and healthcare. He serves as our Chief Technology Officer, leading software development and integrations.

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Andrew Lueck
Chief Product Officer

Andy leads our digital team, from UX/UI to web development to branding. For the last fifteen years Andy has delivered exceptional user experiences and digital strategies for brands across the world. Andy knew Paramesh from working together at Microsoft years ago, and is drawn to Omnicure and telemedicine for its capacity to make a positive impact through technology.

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Oren Kodish
Strategic Partnerships

Oren leads our business development and strategy. Oren has a life sciences background and has worked with several start-ups previously. Oren also previously worked in Innovations as well as the finance department at Cleveland Clinic. He has a wide range of experience in healthcare, including tele-ICU staffing internationally. Oren joined the team because he realized the need for more accessible and modern delivery models for acute care telemedicine.

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Advisory Board

Ravi Akkiraju
EMR Integration Specialist
Mark Schwartz, JD
Strategic Advisor, Board Member
Kris Laudanski, MD
Digital Health Innovation Advisor
Ram Nagarajan, MD
International Partnerships
Ade Adesanya, MD
Physician Services Advisor

Our Intensivists

We do not list our intensivists out of respect of their privacy, but be in touch with us so we can talk to you about our intensivists licensed in your state.

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