About us

Our Vision

Bring critical care to any ICU patient, anywhere, any time by providing an affordable, entirely mobile telemedicine solution designed specifically for the ICU eliminating access barriers between patients and providers.

Our Mission

We look to fundamentally shift the paradigm for telemedicine in critical care with a decentralized model that dramatically improves access to critical care physicians at the point-of-care. Designed for intensivists by intensivists, Omnicure preserves all the best aspects of ICU workflow while significantly enhancing communication capabilities between physicians and nurses.

Omnicure provides a modern, mobile telemedicine solution that brings critical care from any location to any ICU patient using off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets – securely, and at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems.

Our Team

A team of ICU doctors and digital specialists working to enhance communication capabilities between patients and providers to increase access to ICU patient care.

Sanjay Subramanian

CEO & Founder

20 years experience in critical care, tele ICU platforms, health care data systems

Paramesh Vaidyanathan

23 years of software engineering working on products used by millions around the world.

Ravi Akkiraju
EMR Integration Advisor and Specialist

10 years in EMR integration working with large scale healthcare systems

Andy Lueck
Chief Design Officer

15 years in the delivery of exceptional user experiences and digital strategies.

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